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Laser Med

A Combination of High-End Technologies, to Treat an Array of Hair, Skin, and Tattoo Concerns

A Combination of High-End Technologies, to Treat an Array of Hair, Skin, and Tattoo Concerns

How the Laser Med Works

The Laser Med is a multi-platform laser system that combines seven different wavelengths in two applicators for the most optimal outcomes in hair removal, tattoo removal, and various other skin concerns. The integrated wavelengths allow for you to treat a wider range of patients’ needs than ever before, with the capability to remove hair of any colour on any skin tone in a safe and effective manner, and the in built cooling system maintains patient comfort throughout every treatment for maximum client satisfaction. Multi-platform technologies also allow for faster treatment times as less time is spent switching devices for an all round treatment for tattoo removal and a variety of skin concerns.

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Our Laser Med is the gold standard multi-platform laser system that uses 7 wavelengths across 2 applicators to achieve maximum results.

Multiple Technologies

The Laser Med combines 7 wavelengths in one place for the ultimate ‘all-rounder’ laser device that is capable of treating a variety of concerns.

Laser Hair Removal Applicator

(This includes two treatment setting options; traditional stop and shoot or a sweeping motion mode for reduced treatment time that maintains patient safety.)

Alexandrite 755nm

(This includes two treatment setting options; traditional stop and shoot or a sweeping motion mode for reduced treatment time that maintains patient safety.)

Diode 808nm

This provides superficial penetration for thinner hair, like that on the upper lip and eyebrows, predominantly on pale to medium skin tones, and is effective at targeting the sebaceous gland.

YAG 1064nm

Suitable for darker skin types, the YAG is effective at targeting the hair papilla and bulb by providing deeper penetration, making it perfect for embedded, coarse hair like that in the underarms and the bikini line. While it is great for darker skin, it is still safe and effective on most skin types due to low melanin absorption.

Providing you with the option to choose from 3 different spot sizes to suit your clinic and patients’ needs:

Medium Spot Device

luka nad jihlavou seznamovací agentura Medium Spot Size:
12mm x 25mm

Large Spot Device Large Spot Size:
25mm x 31mm ND:YAG Q-Switched Tattoo Removal and Skin Concerns Applicator

(The Q-switched technology allows for a wider range of clients to be treated as side effects like scarring or tissue damage are greatly reduced, even at higher fluence levels for very dark or very bright tattoo removal.)


This wavelength can be used to treat red and brown pigment in tattoos as well as reducing the appearance of birthmarks and other skin irregularities.


Also suitable for addressing pigmentation, this wavelength covers larger and lighter areas of abnormal colouration.


This wavelength is effective at treating blue, black, and green pigment in tattoos, darker eyebrow tattoos, and skin concerns like pigmentation and spider veins.


This can be used to address acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, and dull skin, and is effective for carbon skin rejuvenation.

Treatment Benefits

The Laser Med is capable of treating all hair colours and skin types, and can even be used on tanned skin, unlike many other lasers. The nature of the combination device allows for a variety of concerns to be treated, from pigmentation reduction to tattoo removal and many others.

Thread Vein Removal

The laser is targeted directly at the thread vein, which heats it up, increasing the temperature and causing damage to the blood vessel wall. This causes the vessel to close, and the body’s natural processes are then able to absorb the damaged blood vessel over time.

Tattoo Removal

The Q-Switching technology integrated into the ND:YAG applicator allows for more effective tattoo removal. The precise, quick, and strong pulses shatter tattoo ink into smaller pieces, making it easier for white blood cells to carry the fragmented pigment through the lymphatic system to be safely processed and removed by the body’s natural processes.

Pigmentation and Birthmark Reduction

The laser concentrates a burst of single wavelength light onto the skin, which is absorbed by cells that contain excessive melanin. This results in a lightening or altogether removal of the pigmented area.

Carbon Skin Rejuvenation

During this treatment, a medical grade carbon lotion is applied to cleansed skin, which enters the pores. When the laser is applied, it heats the carbon gently which in turn kills bacteria and closes these pores, as well as stimulating collagen production. This leaves skin clear of congestion and looking rejuvenated.

Before & After

Look at previous Laser Med outcomes in reducing the appearance of pigmentation concerns, removing unwanted tattoos, and more!

Visible Pigmentation Reduction within 1 Session

Before and after 1 session of Tattoo Removal

Before and after 2 sessions
of Pigmentation Reduction

Visible Tattoo Removal within 1 Session

Laser Med Specifications


4 Modular Technologies, Dual Laser Applicator


Alexandrite 755nm

Diode 808nm

YAG 1064nm

ND:YAG Q-switched

Pulse Width:

1-400 ms (adjustable)

Maximum fluence per spot size:

12MMSQ — 590 J/cm2

XXMMSQ — X J/cm2

XXMMSQ — X J/cm2

Maximum rep rate:

5 Hz

Aiming beam:

Blue / Green

Skin cooling system:

-5°C Cooling System

Hair colours:


Skin types:

All & Tanned Skin

Treatment techniques (laser hair removal):

Sweeping motion, Stop-and-shoot

Nd:YAG 532nm:

Red/brown/light green tattoos, Light eyebrow tattoos, Skin irregularities/birthmarks.

Nd:YAG 1064nm:

Blue/black/dark green tattoos, Darker eyebrow tattoos, Pigmentation, Spider and thread veins.

Nd:YAG 1320nm:

Carbon facial (skin rejuvenation), Acne, Enlarged pores, blackheads, and dull skin

Treatment Time:

Dependant on treatment area

Electrical requirements:

All & Tanned skin


41” H / 15” W / 25” D


180lbs (82kg)

Conditions Treated

With just one session of Laser Med, patients can see a reduction in a variety of skin concerns. This device has multiple integrated technologies to address a range of conditions, including:

  • Unwanted Tattoos
  • Unwanted Body Hair
  • Pigmentation Issues
  • Acne
  • Enlarged Pores, Blackheads
  • Dull Skin
  • Spider and Thread Veins
  • Birthmarks and Skin Irregularities
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Introducing the Laser Med into your clinic

The Med Aesthetics Laser Med is perfect for those who want to introduce a range of treatments into their business, and the capabilities of this singular device are wide-reaching.

Clinic Enhancement Programme

Find out more about the Med Aesthetics Laser Med

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