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At Med Aesthetics, we are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing premium, state of the art multi-platform technologies that benefit both clinics and patients.

Previously known as SlimFit Aesthetics, we were founded in May 2012 and have been working tirelessly since then to research and develop technologies that prioritise safety and efficacy for brilliant results. Our focus is, and has always been, on science, products, and results, and we are driven to succeed in creating innovative technologies that work for everyone.

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Med Aesthetics Products

We offer products that utilise a variety of technologies, including laser, HIFU, radiofrequency, LED, and cavitation.

At Med Aesthetics, we strive to enhance technology for greater time and cost efficiency without affecting patient safety, and our devices stand out in the market as they all offer treatment options for a range of concerns, from vascular skin problems and pigmentation to acne breakouts and stubborn areas of fat.

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The Laser Med has 2 applicators that are capable of employing 7 wavelengths in order to address a range of concerns, from pigmentation to tattoo removal, as well as hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

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This is a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, targeting the SMAS for tightening skin on the face and also treats the body using ultrasound for collagen contraction and stimulation.

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The Lipo Med is an all-in-one body contouring solution that combines 4 different technologies in one device.

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The LED Med uses LED light technology with three wavelengths and galvanic currents to treat a variety of skin concerns in one tailored treatment.

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How we can help you

Our unique clinic enhancement package is designed to assist you and your clinic in the most comprehensive way possible in order to help you grow. With every device purchased, we offer the backing of a strong support programme that includes in house training and bespoke material aids such as branded patient brochures, banners, and posters.

As well as this, we host red carpet launches for devices at your business, provide training at our new headquarters, and have a new accessible online portal to assist you with marketing and ongoing campaigns.

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Return on investment

As well as being committed to providing devices that ensure happy patients, Med Aesthetics products also offer great return on investment due to the diverse range of concerns that can be treated by each device’s multi-platform capabilities. An integral part of ensuring ROI for our clients is working with our Business Development Managers, whose support is entirely free of charge when you purchase any of our devices.

We view every client relationship as a partnership, and place enormous emphasis on working with you on all aspects of your business so you have the exact tools and support you need to grow your clinic for long term success.

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